The Core Balance Experience (ePub/Kindle)


The Core Balance Experience in ePub format, suitable for Kindle.



Rebelling against the norm, The Core Balance Experience is revealing a unique system that discloses 20 years of fitness and nutritional secrets that the mainstream fitness community does NOT want you to know! Author, personal trainer, and nutritionist Harnes Stewart shares his intriguing system that has revolutionized one of the fastest growing fitness trends of the past decade, core stability training, with a specialized method called “Core Balance Technique.” This amazing technique provides much more than the basics of flexion, extension, and rotation that is generally taught in core training. Rather the Core Balance Technique is a dynamic system that propels people to engage their whole bodies, through their core, in the highest level of physical activity in short clean workouts that not only burn excess calories and fat simultaneously, but also build lean muscle. Stewart’s technique is distinctively crafted to accelerate your heart rate while combining form, balance, and a strategically designed implementation of specific movements and muscle engagements that produce amazing results in a short manner of time. Being healthy is more than working out, it is a lifestyle, requiring you to approach total wellness as a journey that mandates the unity of the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of your life. Optimal health is unattainable without the three working in unison which necessitates building and training all three components of the mind, body, and spirit. In short, you cannot physically attain your wellness goals unless you have established the right mindset to persevere and achieve your fitness goals. The right mindset works in connection with your spiritual awareness since you have an understanding of your established desires for health and life purpose.