Plan Of Action

Nexxt Level Training Plan of Action

1. How many days a week can you commit to training?
a. 1 (1pt)
b. 2 (2pt)
c. 3 (3pt)
d. 4 (4pt)
e. 5 (5pt)

2. Where will I be more committed to doing my fitness circuit?
a. Home (1pt)
b. Gym (2pt)

3. What is the best time for you to train?
a. Morning (2pt)
b. Afternoon (2pt)
c. Evening (2pt)

4. What are my main fitness goal?
a. Lean muscle (4pt)
b. Weight loss (2pt)
c. Weight gain (2pt)
d. Flexibility and Balance (3pt)

5. What motivates me to accomplish my goals?
a. Self (4pt)
b. Friends (3pt)
c. Family (2pt)

6. My work environment consist of:
a. Walking (3pt)
b. Standing (2pt)
c. Sitting (1pt)

7. How much cardio do you do in and average week?
a. 1 hour or more (5pt)
b. 45 mins. or more (4pt)
c. 30 mins. or more (3pt)
d. 15 mins. or more (2pt)

8. Do you have any past work out experience?
a. Yes (4pt)
b. No (2pt)

9. How many times do you eat a day?
a. 5-6 times (4pt)
b. 4-5 times (3pt)
c. 3-4 times (2pt)
d. 2 or less  (1pt)

10. What does your nutrition consist of mostly?
a. Meats and vegetables (5pt)
b. Vegetables (4pt)
c. Sweets (3pt)

Note: Add up Points from questions and purchase the package that you fit in.

35-38 Pts.  : 5 Day Gym Workout Circuit

5 Day Complete Gym Workout Circuit

30-34 Pts.  : 4 Day Workout Circuit or 4 Day Home Workout Circuit

4 Day Complete Gym Workout Circuit

4 Day Complete Home Workout Circuit

24-29 Pts   : 3 Day Workout Circuit or 3 Day Home Workout Circuit

3 Day Complete Gym Workout Circuit

3 Day Complete Home Workout Circuit

0-23 Pts      : 2 Day Workout Gym Circuit or 2 Day Home Workout Circuit

2 Day Complete Gym Workout Circuit

2 Day Complete Home Work Out Circuit