About Nexxt Level Training

Wellness Coach Committed To Your Optimal Health

Bring Your Vitality, Flexibility & Life to the Nexxt Level

Harnes Stewart, Minister and Wellness Coach, is an experienced adviser of physical trainers with over 20 years in the industry. He specializes in building foundations for people to reach their highest mental, physical, spiritual potential. He chose this career because of his strong desire to have families experience optimal health for a lifetime, not just a season.

That’s why his focus is: FITNESS & FAITH.

Harnes is known for being very attentive from the very first consultation in order to ensure successful goal setting and results most of his patrons enjoy.

Harnes is diligent in creating great lasting relationships with those he trains personally and refers to his team of professionals. He is currently certified by Exact Training in training and nutrition.

Nexxt Level Training (NLT) is committed to enhance people’s mental, physical and spiritual  wellness through biblical principles and fitness. In fact, the two X’s represent our X-perts intention to go the eXtra mile so you can eXperience a healthy lifestyle. We pride ourselves in renewing your mindset primarily in order to create habits that last a lifetime.

NLT founder is Harnes Stewart.  His experience in working alongside clients with a caring approach that is very personal, yet professional has led him to establish healthy relationships in fitness.

He’s the hands-on professional physical trainer certified and fully insured to work with all ages.