Bad Fats vs. Good Fats. Knowing the Difference

Know the difference between good fats and bad fats. Here is an article by Connie Britchford that brings light to the difference between the two.…/good-fats-and-bad-fats.aspx

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Building biceps with the best angle.

Biceps are a muscle that can be developed with many different and unique angles. Using core technique has allowed me to develop my bicep region with less weight, but with more consistency over the  years. Learning this principle and applying it to your workouts will take you to the Next Level.

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What are the best breakfast foods for Nutritional Wellness?

Breakfast is the foundation for anyone who is looking to advance in nutritional wellness. When this window is properly used, you will be able to balance out what the other eating windows do to advance you towards your goals no matter what they are. Here is a great article that goes over some different scenarios for anyone who is looking for some ideas.

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The Best Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss – EatingWell

Healthy Snacks To Eat at Night

Know healthy snacks to eat at night. This is one of the most important eating windows. This article points out some I would recommend.

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11 Nutritionist-Approved Late Night Snacks – BuzzFeed

Mar 3, 2016 – High-Fiber Cereal and Milk. Share On facebook Share. String Cheese or Babybel. Share On facebook Share. Avocado or Hard-Boiled Egg on Crispbread. Instagram: @daleherbst / Via Banana With Peanut ButterFruit and Nuts. Turkey Slices on BreadGreek Yogurt With Granola or FruitCheese and Whole Grain …

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Inspired Message

Inspired Message

I have composed these messages to help build a mindset that will push people into the purpose of their lives and fitness goals.

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Core Exercise Circuit

Core balance technique use with a number of exercises.

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The Journey

Training can be a Journey. Core Technique gives you a better understanding of the process and creates a mindset take on the challenge of change. 2 Corinthians 3 : 18 gives us God’s perspective of change what makes the journey worth fighting for.

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