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We have put together virtual training packages to help everyone reach their fitness and health goals from home or at the gym. Your Wellness Matters – You Matter.


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Everything About Fitness & Faith

Personal Trainer

Get a professional trainer and nutrition counselor who emphasizes in training clients while maximizing health.

Nutritional Coach

We believe healthy eating habits give your body the nutrients it needs daily for optimal health.

Active Cardio

Cardio is a must in every fitness regime. It helps burn unwanted and unflattering body fat.

God's Word

We believe God’s Word gives true purpose to obtaining fitness goals and a healthy lifestyle.

Stretching Tips

Staying flexible as you age is a good idea. It helps you move better and can help keep hips and hamstrings flexible.

Balanced Body

A balanced body is one that is mentally, emotionally, and physically stable. Overall psychological well-being.

Why People Love Us

Josh Wells

“With a busy work schedule and young kids it’s tough to find time for workouts and even harder to make them efficient but also enjoyable. I was so glad to get connected with Harnes as this has been one of the best training experiences I’ve ever had. He has an incredible ability to customize workouts on the fly so we maximize the time and also have a great time doing it. In a short time I’ve seen huge improvements in strength and muscle endurance and would highly recommend Harnes to anyone!”

John Herlacher

“Harnes is very knowledgeable in all aspects of training, fitness and nutrition! I have been training with him for 5 months now and have noticeably built up my strength and stamina and well being. I don’t feel sluggish anymore and I am full of energy now! He is very goal oriented and will listen to your needs of which direction you want to go, he is very easy to talk to and have made a great new friend!”

Allen Rogers

“I always leave the workout sessions with a sense of achievement, success and look forward to our next meeting. Harness is considerate. Encouraging, keeps you in a safe work out programs and pushes you with consideration to safety and fitness. I highly recommend Harness Stewart as a trainer and he quickly becomes a good friend and watches over the program for safety, satisfaction and long term success. Please feel comfortable to contact me if you have questions.”

Steve Brewer

“Dedicated, personable and extremely knowledgeable all describe Harness Stewart. Without a doubt he can help you meet your fitness goals!”

Inaam Schneider, MD

“Harnes Stewart the BEST trainer we have worked with. He has tremendous knowledge of the human body and thus can customize a terrific work for a person. You do not feel tired or sore after a work out! He knows exactly how far to push you to make it fun. We love our work out and often say to him ” really is the session over already!” Harnes is a wonderful person and is very honest ,caring ,and an upstanding person. We highly recommend Harnes Stewart as a personal trainer and as a friend.”

Larry Flowers

“I had been weight training on my own for a while now and just wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I decided in working with a trainer and boy am I glad I found Harnes. I’m beginning to see the results in such a short time.”

Our Programs

Core Balance Virtual Training Membership Subscription

  • Weekly Inspiration Biblical Message
  • Unlimited Access to My Library of Exercise Videos
  • Updated Nutritional Information

Virtual Gym Training Packages

Fully Equipped 45-Day Transformation Circuits

These training packages are designed to help you maximize your gym workouts by accessing core technique throughout the body.

Virtual Home Training Packages

Fully Equipped 45-Day Transformation Circuits

These training packages are designed to give you the ability to train at a high level at home by using core technique.